Rather unexpectedly, I get to go home tomorrow.  And by home, I mean camp.


Sometimes things in life work out in ways that we didn’t expect, and I feel so blessed that I get to see this  place that I love so much tomorrow.  But it really does feel, emotionally, like I’m coming home.  It’s not like visiting other places I love, but like visiting other places I consider home. 

It’s funny, as kids, we sing all these songs in the alma mater songs about how we never want to have to leave.  That we want to keep returning and returning, again and again, to this place that is like none other. I’m so glad I picked a career where that gets to be my truth.

And through which I have the opportunity to create that truth for new generations.

Makom shelibi ohev, sham raglav molichot oti.

The place that my heart holds dear, there my feet will bring me near.


About rabbiisa

I'm a Reform Rabbi with a passion for education! I'm also a pop culture fan, political junkie, and NY Times crossword puzzle addict. I am INTP, a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and a fan of the Oxford Comma.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Although these words refer to Jerusalem, they’re appropriate here as well, based on your wonderful words about Harlam: “Ha-regel po, ha-lev sham” – “My feet are here, but my heart is there…” Enjoy your time at “home”!! Love, M and D

  2. […] NFTY, Camp and Israel T-Shirt Day or, as I like to call it, wear your swag to work day.  I wrote several months ago about how camp is home to me.  And, in truth, over the years, several camps have become home to […]

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