According to Jewish tradition, if you see a friend whom you haven’t seen in a month, you say shehecheyanu. If you haven’t seen them in a year or more, you say …m’chayeh hameitim, Blessed be the Eternal God who revives the dead.

I love that our tradition places such emphasis on friendship.  And on keeping in touch.  I’m the first to admit that I’m horrid at this.  I value my friends more than anything, but I have a love/hate relationship with the phone.  I don’t talk to those I love most nearly as much as I want to.  Even though I know it will nourish my soul and that I need them in my life.  Each year, this is what I resolve to change most.

I know it makes me better.  I know it’s nicer to them.  I know it’s what I should do.  But, so often, I turn within and not towards those I love.  Again, I promise to do better at this.  To see my friends and really see them.  To touch them, to hear them, to see them, to know them….to keep them close enough that there’s never the risk of having to say the blessing which would make me have to revive them or recucitate the friendship.

I hope my friends know how much I love them.  I resolve as this new year begins to make it that I don’t have to wonder.


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  1. Here’s to friendship- old and new. Let us all be blessings for one another.

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