Exactly one year ago, I was on an airplane, on my way to Texas for a new step on my journey.  Leaving familiarity for the unknown…and yet trading an unknown future for a set plan.  

Many aspects of my transition from that life to this one happened quickly–there were 3 weeks between seeing a blank office for the first time and sitting down at my desk in that office for my first day.  I had little time to prepare.  I rushed through getting everything together and moving it half way across the country.  I barely got to say goodbye to most of my friends and family.  I scarcely had the chance to update people on what was going on (outside of facebook), much less take a moment to reflect.  I certainly didn’t have time to set back and plan ahead for the year to come.

How different this year is.  I’ve been here a year now.  My residence has become my home.  I have a life here.  I’ve settled in and this place has settled around me.  And I have a chance to both reflect and to plan.  To consider the past year and look ahead at what’s to come.  To think about what I want to do this year–how I want to be.

And that’s what it means to prepare.  And that, I believe, is what Elul is all about.  It’s our chance to reflect and to plan, to consider and to dream, to realize and to visualize.

What’s this #BlogElul thing in the title of this post? Learn more here! And join in the conversation as we all prepare for the holidays and the year to come!


About rabbiisa

I'm a Reform Rabbi with a passion for education! I'm also a pop culture fan, political junkie, and NY Times crossword puzzle addict. I am INTP, a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and a fan of the Oxford Comma.

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