One of my favorite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” (season 1, episode 11).  In it, a girl has become invisible because for years, people treated her like she didn’t exist:

Because people didn’t see her, she ceased to be seen.  

How often do we not see people? Do we act as if another doesn’t exist? How often do we make assumptions about people and not really act as if they’re there, as if they matter?

In this new year, may we all make more of an effort to see those around us.  Even the ones that may be a little bit harder to find.


About rabbiisa

I'm a Reform Rabbi with a passion for education! I'm also a pop culture fan, political junkie, and NY Times crossword puzzle addict. I am INTP, a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and a fan of the Oxford Comma.

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