This was actually the first song that came to me that inspired the creation of a few Hamilton based seder songs.  The Ten Duel Commandments just fit so well with The Ten Plagues of Egypt, I couldn’t resist the idea.  And I wasn’t about to throw away my shot…to have some seder fun.

One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight, nine…

It’s the Ten Plagues of Egypt
It’s the Ten Plagues of Egypt

Number one!

The blood: in all of the water
Nothing to drink at all; things would only get hotter

Number two!

And then frogs, many frogs,  more every second
They were in every place, to all over they were beckoned.

Number three!

Within seconds lice all over the place
So much itching in their hair…
Itching over here and there
More than commonplace, specially tween their hairs
Most lice die before getting at the roots!

Number four!

The wild beasts, or maybe flies
Make sure to stay indoors! Don’t go outside
It’s kind of like a dance, avoiding them to your ability
The livestock and the people did not have invincibility


Plague made the cattle all sick
The diseased cows made the place full of ick

Number six!

Boils that appeared on everyone’s skin
On each person and their kin. On their leg and arm and chin.


Hail from the sky.
Steady coming down with thunder and fire
Falling on everyone not inside

Number eight!

Locusts came and then they ate
Everything left, all the trees that they could locate…

Hey it’s Moses!

Hello Pharaoh, sir

Can we agree that plagues are dumb and not in nature?

But you have to let my people go, Pharaoh

All my slaves? We both know that’s absurd, sir

Hang on, how many folks died because your hardened heart was ruinous?

Okay, so we’re doin’ this

Number nine!

Darkness you could feel, no one could see
Not even who their neighbor might be

We count
One two three four
Five six seven eight nine


Firstborn: Death!

Bonus! The karaoke version of the song, if you want to attempt to use this!


About rabbiisa

I'm a Reform Rabbi with a passion for education! I'm also a pop culture fan, political junkie, and NY Times crossword puzzle addict. I am INTP, a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and a fan of the Oxford Comma.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Would love try anything you’re “composing” for Seder- cleverly clever!! Let’s use it 🎤🐮🦁🐜🐛🐝🕷🐄💀🍷🐯🐸🌊🌨!!!!

    Sent from BZK’s iPhone


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