How much time in a life

In a year

In a day

Do we search?

Looking for a lost item

Looking for meaning

Looking for sense in a sometimes senseless world

Looking for a glimmer of hope

Looking for an extra hour in the day

In the week

In the month


To get done what we need to

To get done what we want to

To get done what we need to do but think we merely want to

Looking to find moments of connection with those we love

To find a way to disconnect from those that repeatedly hurt us

To find a way to allow ourselves to unburden ourselves from the pain of the hurt we have felt

To find relationships with the people around us we don’t yet know

To make meaning out of the meaningless

To find a laugh

To share a tear

To connect with the universe

To connect with anything

Any one

Any moment

 Looking for the words when words don’t suffice

When there are no words

To find answers

To figure out the questions

Looking for a path

For the right path

Especially at those times when the evil of the decree seems more than we can bear

When repentance, prayer, and charity can’t possibly be the only answers

We look for a way to hope that they can

We pray that we can find a way to let them do their best

As we do our best

To keep going

To get through

To keep searching.


About rabbiisa

I'm a Reform Rabbi with a passion for education! I'm also a pop culture fan, political junkie, and NY Times crossword puzzle addict. I am INTP, a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and a fan of the Oxford Comma.

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