I am currently the Director of Lifelong Learning at Congregation Beth Emeth in Wilmington, DE.  Passions, other than Judaism, include education, pop culture, text study, social networking and the NY Times Crossword Puzzle.  I love to talk about interesting topics–from theology to theater…LOST to literature…Torah to television…Babylonian Talmud to Boston Red Sox…I could go on, but I sense I’m running out of alliteration.

I’m INTP.  That actually says a lot about me.


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  1. meer says:

    Good that you got Torah in there somewhere. Don’t you think – as a rabbi – that ought to be your first priority?

    • rabbiisa says:

      Education is the first thing I list–which, to me, is Torah. Judaism is infused in all that I do and in the way that I perceive the world. But thank you for your feedback–and for reminding me that I need to update this because it’s out of date!

  2. Bill Brown says:

    So pleased that you will be joining our congregational family in Wilmington! If there is anything Riva a/o I can do to help in your transition, please let us know.

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